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At Curl House you can embrace your inner beauty, relax and be pampered, and join a growing community of women who are redefining beauty. 

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Our Services

Every woman’s natural hair is different - that’s what makes it beautiful! At Curl House, our stylists can help you make the transition to or maintain and style your natural hair. With a high standard of professional excellence alongside the highest quality products in the industry, we can help you love every kink, wave and curl.

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Hair Styles

Please note: This list is a general guideline.  Curl House reserves the right to adjust base pricing, dependent on hair length, thickness, and/or complexity of styling request.


Hair Cuts + Trims


Hair Color

Color consultation with one of our Curl House Stylists is required for new clients before booking a permanent color appointment (no consultation necessary for grey coverage only). We start with an evaluation of your hair’s porosity, curl pattern and texture. Then we work with you to identify your desired finished look. From there, we can recommend the best professional hair care based your unique hair and desired style. Consultation lasts 15 minutes. No fee. 

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Prep for your Appointment

All styles include shampoo and conditioning.  We ask that you please arrive with your hair pre-detangled, loose, and free from twists, braids, or previous style.  An additional cost of $20 will be applied if your hair requires more than 20 minutes to detangle. 


Individual Consultations

Are you new to natural hair or are you looking for products that will work best with your hair texture? Schedule a personal consultation so our stylists can analyze the condition of your hair, make product recommendations, and provide tips for maintaining healthy hair. Consultations are $35 and last up to 30 minutes.

trichology services

Are you experiencing hair loss, breakage, scalp issues or hair thinning? Through our trichology services, we can help identify and treat these and other common scalp issues. Let us know if you're experiencing any similar symptoms and we can schedule a one on one consultation to review, diagnose, and help treat your condition.

Product Matching

We take the guesswork out of choosing products that are right for you and your  hair type. We only offer the highest quality products that our staff has personally tried and tested. We will walk you through the process until you find the perfect product for your desired results.

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Natural Hair Products

We only sell products that we love and trust and would use ourselves. You can find select products from all of the brand names below (and more) for purchase in the salon.


a few of our favorites:

Jane Carter Solutions

Adiva Naturals

Donna Marie Beauty



Design Essentials

Jinsa Essentials

Joie Naturals

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