Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my hair look and feel so dry?

The tighter your hair curl pattern, the drier your hair.


How can I define my natural curls?

Texture and curl pattern will dictate how your curl definition will look. The coarser your hair and the tighter the curl pattern, the less likely it is that the curls will be defined.


Why doesn’t my hair look like hers?

No two hair textures are alike, but all hair textures are beautiful. Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful hair.


Why do I need to get my ends trimmed regularly if I don’t put heat on my hair anymore?

Get your ends trimmed at least three to four times per year. If you do not trim your ends, split ends will continue to split further up your hair shaft.


How can I get my hair to grow long?

Regular trims, protective styles, and overall healthy hair help you retain your length.

How often should I shampoo my hair?

Shampoo at least once per week or every other week. How often you shampoo is a matter of personal preference, lifestyle and hairstyle choice.


How do I comb my hair?

The less combing, the better. Wear styles that don’t require combing to maintain and use your fingers to detangle or fluff.


What do I do to my hair at night?

The style and texture of your hair will determine nightly maintenance techniques.


What do I do if my scalp and hair are extremely dry during the winter?

During the fall and winter months, keep your hair hydrated by sealing in your moisture, and regularly applying humectants, such as glycerin and water, to maintain moisture.


How do I maintain a hairstyle during the summer, or when it’s hot outside?

Moisturize and seal your hair and ends all year long.  Use products made with humectants during the winter, and minimize the use of humectants over the summer.


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